August/September 2014 Submission to LoopdeLoop. The theme was "Childhood".


I was the Production Designer, Storyboard Artist and Lead Animator for "The Last 40 Miles"

"The Last 40 Miles" is an animated short film about life, death, and compassion. Based on a true story. Released in 2013.

A condemned man takes his last trip: a ride from his solitary cell on death row to the execution chamber in a facility 40 miles away. During the journey, his memories, the beautiful scenery flashing by, the unlikely warmth of the guard escorting him, and ever-present hope keep him company.


This is an animation I did as a "demo" for the final in my 2D Animation Principles class.

The assignment:

• Each student draws three random slips of paper from a hat. Each of these slips of paper have a name of an objects, element, "thing" on them. The students final animation must include all three "things" (this makes for some wonderfully non sequitur animations).

• The final animation must contain at least three distinct shots.

• These three shots should include at least one identifiable principle of animation.

The three "things" I drew: whale, computer and jack-in-the-box

The principles of animation used: squash and stretch, slow in , slow out, follow through and overlapping action. I also used a lot of "smears" with the jack-in-the-box and the whale's typing tongue.

Software used: Flash (animation), Photoshop (background painting), After Effects (editing and composting)

-lwd (2013)


Catastrophic events are set in motion after millions of E.T. Atari 2600 video game cartridges become radioactive as a result of being buried near the Trinity nuclear test site in New Mexico.
-lwd (2007)


Religion, Magic, Myth and Pop Culture

-lwd (2006)